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Motorcycle Wrecks Can Be Devastating With the increase in the use of cell phones and other electronic devices to text, tweet, and engage in any number of social media interactions, wrecks caused by distracted driving are on the rise. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are more vulnerable to the dangers caused by distracted drivers on the road and…

After any car wreck, it’s easy to become stressed or overwhelmed if you don’t know how to deal with the situation. With thousands of car wrecks occurring each month, it’s therefore important to to be prepared and understand next steps before you and another vehicle collide. Here are the 7 steps you should take after being in a…

Any type of traffic accident can result in serious injuries and even fatalities — in the state of Mississippi, there were 677 reported traffic fatalities in 2015 alone. Worse, a recent report reveals that more Mississippi children die in car wrecks each year, per capita, than in any other State in the Country. Finding out who is…

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