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Verdicts & Settlements

Van Cleave Law has helped clients recover tens of millions of dollars through verdicts, judgments and confidential settlements, including the following examples:

$10 Million

Confidential Settlement on behalf of the widow and two children

$9 Million

Confidential Settlement for insurance agents whose principal wrongfully refused to defend them.

$2.4 Million

Judgment on behalf of widow whose husband’s life insurance company wrongfully denied life insurance

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Effective Representation,
The Right Advice

If you or a loved one is in a car accident/wreck in Mississippi, first seek medical attention. After your injuries are treated, you should speak with a car accident lawyer. While whiplash is one of the most common motor vehicle injuries, auto accidents often cause catastrophic injuries and even death. At Van Cleave Law, our experienced personal injury lawyer Mr. Christopher Van Cleave has a well-earned reputation for getting results on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and throughout the State of Mississippi.

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    How Van Cleave Law Can Help in Car Wreck Cases in Mississippi

    Mr. Christopher Van Cleave has been serving our community while in the pursuit of justice for over 25 years. You will always receive Personal Attention, Honest Advice, and Hard Work. That’s our pledge and our mantra.
    Immediately after you suffer an auto accident, your time to file a lawsuit starts running out. In fact, in Mississippi, you usually have between one and three years to file a claim. Depending on your case, here are some of the initial steps we would take to protect your interests in a car wreck case in Mississippi:

    1. Investigate the auto accident, gather evidence, contact witnesses, reconstruct the scene, and calculate damages
    2. Notify the at-fault driver’s insurance company of representation
    3. Collect medical records and bills for trial admissibility
    4. Collect receipts and itemize incidental damages
    5. Recommend maintaining a daily journal to document suffering, losses, expenses, and recoverable damages
    6. Maximize recovery by documenting damages for settlement or trial
    7. Assistance with filing a claim against your insurance company for compensation in case of an accident with an underinsured / uninsured driver
    8. Protect your best interests if offered a low settlement by swiftly taking action
    9. Gain support from an experienced legal team skilled in negotiating with insurance companies in Mississippi.

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    What to Bring to the Initial Consultation with a Mississippi Car Wreck Lawyer

    • Contact information of doctors seen or planned to see due to the accident
    • Contact information of the pharmacy where accident-related prescriptions are filled
    • List of prescription drugs taken at the time of the accident
    • Photographs of the vehicles involved in the accident, especially from the scene or after being towed to a repair shop or accident yard
    • Pictures of the injured person’s vehicle prior to the accident (for property damage claim)
    • Photographs of physical injuries
    • Copy of the Uniform Crash Report (if possible)
    • Health insurance card of the injured person
    • Automobile policies and declarations pages for vehicles in the injury victim’s household
    • Automobile policies of both parents in case of a minor with divorced or separated parents and joint custody
    • Policies of other relatives involved in custody or regular stays with the child
    • Copy of the driver’s license
    • List of names and addresses of doctors visited in the previous five years for similar conditions

    The best first step to recovering compensation after an auto wreck someone else caused is to get in touch with a qualified lawyer and schedule an initial consultation in Biloxi. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started on your path to full and fair compensation for your injuries and damages.

    Types of Car Wreck Cases in Biloxi

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